What is 'Making space for trans bodies' about?

This study is about body weight and shape* among trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming (TNBGNC) people and within our communities. I - as the main researcher - will be interviewing people who want to take part, and the conversations will focus on feelings, attitudes and behaviours that are related to shape and weight.

The research interviews will be about:

*How you think and feel about your weight and shape*

*How these thoughts and feelings are affected by different people and places*

*How you take care of yourself and/or look for support from others, and how well this works for you*

*Although this project will focus on body shape and weight, the study is not about what kinds of bodies we should or should not have, how big or small a body is, or what the ‘right’ kind of body, weight or way of eating is. It is about how we think and feel about our bodies, both the good and the bad, and about the people, places and experiences that shape these thoughts and feelings.

Why shape and weight? And why TNBGNC people?

Part of the background to this project is the fact that there have been studies published suggesting that TNBGNC people may be more at risk than non-trans populations of developing relationships with food and/or weight that could be harmful.

This could be in the form of formally diagnosed or self-diagnosed eating disorders, or in the form of obsessive and/or compulsive behaviours that are not necessarily dangerous in a medical sense but that disrupt or affect everyday life.

Although helpful points can be taken from these existing studies (I write more about these in my blog posts), I do not believe that in current research the experiences of TNBGNC people are represented with as much depth and complexity as exists.

With that in mind, the aim of this study is to focus on people's own understandings of feelings and behaviours (both positive and negative) around weight and shape.

What does an interview involve?

There are two main options for being interviewed. If you're up for being interviewed face to face, then once we've gone through some information and consent forms together we will arrange a time and place to meet up. This can be anywhere you're comfortable with - at a community centre, for example, or within your own home. The interview will take about an hour.

I can also interview you online, via email.

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